Eucalyptus Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil 15ml




Highly Concentrated, 100% Pure USDA Certified Organic, Steam Distilled Eucalyptus Oil – For external use only. iCandy Eucalyptus Globulus Oil Offers a very herbaceous scent with soft woody undertones. Eucalyptus Globulus acts as the soothing touch of a caring parent. Minty and vibrantly refreshing, its aroma brings to mind cold remedies of your youth and days home from school. Eucalyptus Globulus has a history of healing, acting as a common ingredient in chest rubs and cold-care products. This powerful essential oil can aid in healthy respiration, act as a remedy for sore muscles and treat oily skin when properly diluted. iCandy Eucalyptus oil has an extremely strong scent which many find appealing. This means that it can be added to perfumes and other products to add a pleasing aroma. For some, this fragrance also has some very soothing properties that help them relax. The strong aroma and menthol content should be avoided during pregnancy. This oil should also NOT be taken orally as it can be toxic.


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