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No matter how big or small your group or organization is, we specialize in Mobile and Corporate chair massage programs, convention event massages & mobile bridal massage services. Let our dedicated team of licensed massage therapists relieve your group of stress by bringing our chair massage for your muscles and affirmation messages for your mind to your office, convention, or bridal event. We provide on-site chair massages to relieve tension, and our affirmations to relax the mind leaving everyone relaxed and motivated. Looking for a hands-on approach to lifting spirits and building morale? Contact us today!


Convention A Chair Massage brings a beneficial effect to any Atmosphere. Whether a Convention event or Trade show, want to attract crowds and leave a lasting impression at your event? Wow, your employees, clients or guests? Incorporate Replete Mobile Chair Massage into your business event. Let us soothe their aches and pains while you close the deal. Contact us today!


Corporate wellness program Massage Therapy has been shown to help work-related issues such as poor posture, carpal tunnel symptoms, and increase low employee morale. Chair massages are a guaranteed, economical way to show your employees, clients, and guests how much you value their relationship. Let Replete Mobile Massage send you a highly qualified chair massage therapist to the location of your choice and watch how much they enhance your employees, clients or guest experience during and after with a no oil, fully clothed 10-15 minute chair massage infused with motivating affirmations. Contact us today!

Bridal Party

Bridal Parties Everything about your day should feel like a dream. A chair massage is the perfect gift to spoil your bridal party, or surprise your partner. Whether that’s in between mimosas or while getting glammed up, we add that bit of luxury and relaxation to the day. Massages are a thoughtful way to say thanks and help you and your wedding party, relax and renew before the excitement of the ceremony. Our therapists provide on-site fully clothed, no oils used, lavender aroma 15 minute chair massages for you and your bridal party as you are getting ready for your special day. Contact us today!

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